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New product Entel DN495 radio

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Update time : 2019-09-25 09:36:11
DN400 4G LTE Wi-Fi PoC radios combine the best of traditional PTT (push-to-talk) with national cellular network operation for best-in-class performance.
Supplied with your choice of slim or high-capacity battery and drop-in charger as standard, our DN series delivers 3 watts of crystal-clear audio quality and volumes exceeding radios twice their size. 
Removing the need for costly radio licensing and potential channel interference from other radio users, Entel’s PoC (push-to-talk over cellular) DN400 radios are ready to use with a SIM on a fair use policy.
The Smartphone App, Radio Gateway and PC Dispatcher options offer you further flexibility whilst the ergonomic design, ultra-tactile buttons are suitable for gloved-hand use and its superior IP68 construction ensures these robust and compact commercial-grade radios are ready to support your operational needs. Just charge and go.

                       KEY FEATURES
                       ♦Hosted Tier III+ data centre, fully redundant  
                       ♦AES-256 encryption 
                       ♦As standard: Emergency Button, Lone-Worker & Man-Down with GPS location
                       ♦IP68 (2m, 4-hours) submersible
                       ♦Configurable from simple to sophisticated 
                       ♦Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and GPS as standard
                       ♦3-watts of crystal clear audio
                       ♦GPS tracking
                       ♦Channel interrupt
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