Item No.: COT-KC97-40/140
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KC97 Silicone Cold Shrink Tube with Mastic
Cotran KC97 is an open-ended, water proofing mastic, cold shrink silicon rubber sleeve, which is factory pre-expanded and assembled onto a removable core. The core is removed when the tube is positioned for installation over an online connection or termination lug. The mastic at both ends provides excellent moisture-tight seals for termination and joints.

●It is widely used for waterproof seal in coaxial cables on telecommunication base stations, N-type connector, 1/2 jumper, Din head and 1/2 jumper connector.
It can be used as a waterproof seal for cable television connector
It can be used as a waterproof seal for connecting wires and cables
Insulation seal for other types of connection.
Dimensionsmm Adapt Min-Max Outside Diameter Complete shrinkage length Application
Ø28-110 11-23 110 Communication 1/2 N type terminal connector
Ø40-140 12.7-35 140 Communication 1/2 N type terminal connector
TV 540QR terminal connector
Performance Typical Value Test Method
Protection Grade IPX8 IEC 60529
Tensile Strength 10.3MPa ASTM D 421
Elongation at Breaking Point 990% ASTM D 412
Tear Strength 48.6N/mm ASTM D 624
Di-electric Strength 23KV/mm ASTM D 4325
Volume Resistivity 1*10Ωcm ASTM D 4325
Heat Ageing Pass ASTM D 412
Ozone Ageing Pass ASTM D 1149
UV Ageing Pass ASTM G 154
Brittleness Temperature -40 ISO 812
Flame Retardant V-0 UL94
Weatherproof Temperature -60150  
Operating Temperature -4050  

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